Monday, December 2, 2013

Foundry Painted Vikings and more

This is the last figures I painted before I started preparing for the Painting Challenge.
First up some Foundry Viking figures I gave myself. Not cheap when they are exported to Australia but they look the part. Some of these have a mounted version that will get completed in the Challenge. Some of the bases also see the first time I have used Army Painter flowers. Tricky to use at first but I like the result.
I gave the female figure a plastic Gripping Beast shield as they look a little lighter than the very thick metal rimmed foundry Shields. I just thought it suited her better. My photo is a bit dodgy as it seems to have a contrast issue and it has bleached out the detail in the hair and beards. I was initially thinking brown for the furs but went down the gray path instead.

Next was a few unit command additions. Horn blowers and a flag waver. They should fit in with the rest of the plastic Vikings I have. The plastic Viking on the left was an interesting exercise is in dull colours. He has a head from the plastic warriors box.
The Banner is from the Gripping Beast plastic vikings box. I used it as a guide to painting it. It makes sure it is much brighter than the printed version.

Next is a few figures for different forces. from the left is a plastic warrior for some sort of Viking warrior priest idea. Next an Anglo-Saxon Army standard. I am not convinced about repeating the banner design on the shield. His arms are actually from a Fireforge plastic set. Small crossbow reloading dude is a Perry metal figure and next to him is a converted Conquest plastic. Last is another Perry metal crossbow figure.

I have been very busy prepping figures for the Challenge. It has been great motivation so far with all my Foundry Cowboys now cleaned up and based (2 blisters worth). I got them a while back when a friend got a hold of 'Dead Mans Hand'. I haven't played it yet. It was just a coincidence that a western movie figure is the entry requirement.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Beautiful work on these guys Brendon! Love the shields and the bases look great too. Good luck with the challenge.

  2. Great paintjob, excellent looking figures!