Monday, November 25, 2013

Yeehaa! Time for a challenge.

Howdy folks.
I am please to let you know that I am in the Fourth Annual Analogue Painting Challenge. I have enjoyed watching these go down in past years and now it's my turn to get my brushes out at high noon. So thanks Curt for getting me in at late notice.
What I like about this event is the interaction of fellow bloggers and also the self challenge aspect. Hopefully this will be motivating for me to get a stack of stuff painted.
Stuff like make a dent in all these Gladiator 28mm figures I acquired. Get some gun fighting cowboys completed which is a great coincidence with a painted western figure being the entry fee. I got plenty of Flames of War waiting to be painted/built. I also have Saxon/Viking and Norman command and heroes lined up for future projects. I actually have some Viking command about to be completed on my work table. The challenge has already motivated me to get these done so I can start prepping figures for the kick off date (15 December).

Here in Darwin the Monsoons have set in so despite it being summer this is a good time of the year to spend painting. A few seasonal holidays coming soon may also help give me some time to get the paint flowing. I got some early ideas for the bonus theme challenges as well but I may have to dig around my mancave to get the figures required. That may be a challenge in itself but worth while.

Cheers from here.
Brendon (The Kiwi


  1. Best of luck Brendon, I look forward to seeing what you paint.

  2. good luck fellow challenger.


  3. Good Luck Sir and look forward to seeing you in the Challenge this year


  4. Good luck mate. This is my first time in the Challenge as well and I must say its a daunting prospect but one I am looking forward to.

  5. good luck its a real blast to be involved

  6. Welcome along to the challenge. Looking forward to seeing your contribution

  7. Thanks everybody. It's going to be a crazy ride.