Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Late War game, Kings of War game and, an idea

Got me some battlefront Roads. I likes em. No painting required
Sunday at the local club I played two games. The mid morning to lunch game was Flames of War, Late War, 1500 points. Dust Up. My German Recon light tanks (with Kingtigers support or are they supporting the Kingtigers?) versus Panzergrens with 1 x Jagedtiger in support.
My force came out on top but the most important aspect to me was meeting and playing a new player. This is good news as our local group is about to lose a player or two very soon. Such is the transient nature of much of the Darwin population. This player turn over has had me thinking about recruiting more players. In an interesting coincidence I received an email about becoming a Ranger. So yes, I am interested in becoming a Ranger for Flames of War. So we shall see how that rolls out.
Recently I was kicking around the idea of making two forces fairly evenly matched to face each other based on tanks (I like tanks). This came about from looking at Mid War options and in particular having a look at my first jump into FoW. This was a New Zealand Mid War Infantry company. The collector in me soon managed to get enough tanks for a Kiwi tank force. I have always been really interested in the Italian campaign so naturally I researched tank types and paint schemes for this period. My match ups initially was not always historical. No problem really, but now that I have amassed terrain and multiple armies I can host some interesting games. I am not that hung up on the accurate following of history in FoW. Don't get me wrong, it is a part of the game that I really like but it does not need to be there all the time. It's a game first in my opinion. But still I pondered matching up Medium Tanks vs Medium Tanks in a semi historical way with toys in my collection. So this might be good for Demo/intro games. So here is the match up lists.

Midwar 1750points

NZ Tank Company
HQ. 4 x Sherman
Combat 1. 3 x Sherman
Combat 2. 3 x Sherman
Recon. 3 x Stuart
AA Platoon 2 x Bofors 40mm

German Panzer Company
HQ. 2 x Panzer IV H
Combat 1. 3 x Panzer IV H
Combat 2. 3 x Panzer IV H
Support. 2 x StuG
Recon. 2 x 8 Rads

I will discuss this again in the future and include some images but now its back to my last game experiences
At the club after the first game Lochy was keen for a Kings of War game. I don't live far away from the club so I zipped home to get my Dwarf army. My daughter is now 10 so I asked her if she would like to roll some dice. So probably for the first time she participated. She looked at my figures and I guided her in making a 1500 point list to face Lochys Human Knights and Goblin horde of doom.
It was lots of fun with the Dwarfs coming out on top but not by much. A great game with classic moments like a huge stack of wounds pounded upon a big Knight unit only for the kid to roll a very low nerve test. DOH! Classic gaming fun.
Dwarves got lucky and got the table side with the walled terrain piece. Perfect for 2 cannons.
This didn't save them  from rampaging Knights though.

Looking over the back of the Dwarf Bulwarker horde. Lochy is taking a pic as well.
Yeah that's me and in the foreground are the Cyco twins. Counting as Berserker lords with a Brock mount upgrade.
Army Standard Bearer from Scibor. The actual Standard is from Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers plastic set.
Foamy Beer this week is the famous 'Iron Brew' from the Iron Guts Distillery. 
Happy kid with the surviving victorious Dwarves.
A sacred component of the 'Iron Brew' Beer remains a secret....for now.
I didn't get any real in-game pics once the dice started flowing. Too busy saying things like you need to roll 5 or better. Take out all the dice that missed...and so on.

Cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Kids always seem to roll brilliant dice on their first game, my kids are older and they still roll great dice!

  2. That is so cool, getting your daughter to the gaming table like that! And great looking figs, and terrain!

  3. Kiwi, if you're still game for a spot in the Painting Challenge drop me a note.

    curtcampbell at mac_dot_com

  4. Thanks Curt. That's good news. email sent.
    Thanks for the comments folks.