Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Norman Army Banner

My Norman plastic army has grown so it's time they had a big banner option and here is the first one. Banner is from the Battleflag Norman Conquest Plastic Infantry sheet. Figure is a regular Conquest Norman with a spear option.
This figure still needs a coat of Matt spray but I thought I would post it before that step just because I can. The shield design is also a decal from the Battleflag sheet. I looked for one from the designs remaining that had colors found in the big flag. I carried this over to the miniature but with a variation in the blue color as you can see.  I was worried about the big decal cracking after I applied it to a sheet of paper in respect to folding it together then trying to get a few curves in it. But it only had 1 small split appear that you can't even notice now. I think my highlights on the blue garment got a little crude on this one but overall he should add a big splash of color and inspire my Norman toy soldiers to great deeds on the table top.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Looks good, I think the shading is fine


  2. Extremely nice paintwork, and the banner worked out well.

    So... fielding a warband of these guys in SAGA?

  3. Thanks. Yeah Ian, I am probably over thinking it.
    Yes Ev I have a Norman Saga Warband but I haven't used it in a game yet.

  4. Very cool mate - just finishing off a Norman SAGA army myself