Friday, October 11, 2013

Angry Monks x12

Gripping Beast Angry Monks on the warpath sick of being victims of the Viking raids they come out swinging ready to kill heathens with a religious zeal. Metal 28mm figures by Gripping Beast. This is a Swords for Hire unit for Saga. You get 4 figures (3 of each) for a unit of 12. As you can see they have a lot of character in them. Dopey looking dude, overweight balding dude, jowly dude and, hitched up habit angry spear dude.
In Saga we can only join non heathen warbands. We hate heathens. They make us ANGRY!
When will Brendon give us a spray of Matt varnish! That makes us ANGRY!!
Form up Monks and activate Angry power now!
The last image I thought I would try and see how they looked on one of my 'Kings of War' horde custom bases. I added 2 plastic warriors to fill the tray. Could make for an interesting 'counts as' unit in other games outside Saga. Fanatics of some sort. I was thinking of using them in 'Kings of War' historical's as Warrior Priests for non Heathen Armys (Normans and Anglo-Saxons). They could also be used as Human Wizards if I created a Human Army from the rule book and used my Historical Miniatures.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Great work, Brendon! I do like how they're muddied up and unshaven, like they've been on the road causing havoc. Could it be they're on their way to sack Constantinople?

    The ig base is a good idea. I've been thinking I'd like to port some Saga warbands across other rulesets and the big base is the way forward.

  2. They are a fantastic bunch of monks Brendon! Great work!

  3. Great looking figures there, not sure how long I can keep away from Saga


  4. Beautiful work, I really like them!

  5. Now wouldn't that have been a nasty surprise for any Viking raiders? Although Hong Kong action films should have taught us all the folly of provoking badass monks...

    "Where's the plunder? Can't I trust you idiots to do anything on your own? They're MONKS for Odin's sake!"

    "Ragnar, they kicked our butts to Niflheim and gone! There wasn't any of that 'turning the other cheek' thing this time!"

  6. Thanks everyone. Yes, when I was painting them I did think about Shaolin Monks. The figure with the spear overhead especially conjures that up. Hi Ya!