Thursday, September 19, 2013

Norman Infantry Spear armed unit

Norman Conquest Plastics on my custom base from Warbases.UK. Based on 25mm rounds so they can be used in Saga.

My painting seemed to have slowed for a while but I realized that was because I was painting a much larger batch to what I usually do. I got carried away with putting together plastics and ended up with Normans, a couple of Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings and some Warriors and even some Anglo-Saxons. So rather than just concentrating on some of them I seemed to spend an eon slowly getting them all to similar stages.
I went from my usual painting of a few skirmishers to painting an Army. DOH!
I treated myself to a sheet of Battleflag decals for the shields for the Norman Infantry. However 4 of the figures above are hand painted design from when I painted a unit of 8 for Saga a while back. The other 4 have swords so are not shown above. The decals are not drama free though. They come as a sheet so you need to cut them out really carefully and this includes the hole for the boss. It took me a bit of concentration, patience and turning off the music I normally have playing.
I might add some detail to the Flag. I think I have some decals left over from the set I got for the Knights and a small cross might do the trick. I used the shield colors on many of these to decide the colors on the figures clothing. I applied the decal before painting them which is not something I usually do.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Stunning paintingjob! Especially love their shields!

  2. Always a pleasure to see a good Dark Age unit all painted and based up; these are excellent, Brendon, very nicely done!

  3. Thanks for the positive comments.

  4. Your Normans are absolutely great! The paintwork is excellent, and the basing is so realistic.. wow! Congratulations!