Thursday, June 27, 2013

Norman Knights

Lord does a drive by making a war speech.
"Lets roll home boys."
"My Horse is not as fast so I will try to keep up." (His base is heavier than the others).
Speed blur as he hurls his spear.

Padded armour in focus.

Sword down in casual violence pose in focus. I liked both photos so decided to include them both.
4 points of Saga Normans with a Lord (4 strong Knight units). They could of course be used as mounted Warriors (units of 8). All Conquest Plastics.

I snapped these before I headed off to work this morning. As it is school holidays my mornings are a little less hectic so I finally get some quick shots with the iphone. These have been at this stage for a while now. I think there is still a tiny bit of work to be done on these. Some more blazes on the Horse heads for instance just to give a bit more detail and interest and make the horses a little more individual. If you remember this post way back here (sheesh that was back in January) then you will know that I have typically been stop/start on this project and distracted by other projects to see this one go from start to finish so yeah....I have dragged it out a little.
The shield patterns are mostly Battle Flag transfers with some hand painted designs. The cross area on the flag is from the transfer sheet. My freehand is not that good as to be able to outline a cross that small. :)

I am a town dweller so I don't see real horses all that often and mid year school holidays here means it's winter in the Southern Hemisphere. For people in Darwin here it means weather wise it is the best time of the year for lots of outdoor activities. Warmest place in Australia in winter at around 30 degrees Celsius during the day, lower humidity and no rain (The Dy Season). Lovely. So this means that this weekend we shall go to a Rodeo which will give me a chance to see a range of real horses and try and make some mental notes about visual impressions. It's a chance to do things other than gaming in air conditioned comfort like go see some Motor Sports. Recently we had the V8 Supercars in Darwin and I dragged my nine year old daughter along and to my surprise she actually enjoyed the day. I don't mind a dose of Motor Sports so we also went along to North Line Speedway dirt track recently. My first time to that venue and it was an enjoyable night complete with a roll over and a crash each in the first four races. Metal thrashing mad mayhem. No one was hurt (except pride and wallets) so all good as well.

Posting these images should give me the motivation to complete the final small tweaks I think are needed. I actually have 1 knight on a sprue left over and 2 x casualty knights to do. Perhaps a horn blower might be a good use for the remaining knight. I actually have an idea forming for using my Norman warband figures beyond Saga. It may mean some more purchases but I will elaborate on that in another post in the future.

Cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. really nice job, thanks for sharing! I'm just getting into Saga, bought the rules the other day. The new plastic Dark Age Warriors mean that there are now plastics for almost every faction. We worked out that we could get 3 legal armies for £48, with the three GB plastic infantry sets. Pretty good price and the 'low barrier to entry' means I've persuaded several of my co-workers to start forces!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeah Saga....easy to start...hard to put down. :)

  3. Just trying to finish off a box of these myself - hope they come out as nicely as yours have!

  4. Thanks Paul. They are good value figures.