Wednesday, April 3, 2013

US vs Germans, Flames of War, Late War.

The whistle blows and it is kick off time.
I had a Flames of War game recently at the odd size of 1,480. I usually like to rock up to my games with my list and toys ready to go as it speeds things up a little. However, I only found out the point limit just prior to the game so I quickly banged a list together mostly based on the toys I have. Without knowing the size I had packed my American collection of 15mm toys and thought hmmmm....maybe I will try US infantry beforehand. I have never played them before and the Late War briefings for them means I can include my 76mm Shermans as a support choice. Those tanks of mine have not seen a table all that much and I didn't have enough infantry stands so had to proxy a platoon (as they were in reserve they actually did not get on the table in any case). The game was good incentive for me to get more infantry stands completed later as it was very enjoyable and I am keen to try them out again.

My US Rifles Force from a Bulge book
1iC and 2iC (1 x SMG upgrade) (CT)
Combat 1 Full Rifle Platoon with 4 x Bazooka option (CT)
Combat 2 as above (CT)
Air Support Priority Thunderbolts
4 x 76mm Shermans (CV)
Artillery 6 x Priests (and observer Sherman tank) (CV)

Germans from a Market Garden Book
HQ 2 x SMG teams
Heavy Platoon (HMGs and mortar I think)
1 x Infantry Horde (Reluctant Trained)
1 x Infantry extreme psychopath elites (SS Fearless Vets with Shrecks, Fausts and a Death Wish)
6 x Neb Rocket Artillery
3 x Panzer IV
AA platoon (1 x 88, 2 x 20mm)

We rolled up 'Hold The Line'. I prefer 'No Retreat' over this mission but that's the way the dice fell. Infantry facing Infantry so dice roll for attacker = Germans attacking. Deployment meant I deployed 1 x Infantry Platoon near the forward objective and in ambush was the 76mm Shermans.

How did it roll out?

The American infantry shivered in foxholes not really knowing if support would ever come. They had orders to hold this area until relieved. They saw from a tree line advancing towards them a horde of Germans packed tightly together. Soon followed by German Panzers. They did not feel safe and secure..far from it.
They could hear the noise of a Thunderbolt make repeated attacks on this horde but later heard that these attacks had no effect on tanks or men. The supporting aircraft later went on to seek targets further away and had minor success in destroying some Rocket artillery emplacements. Some soldiers passed on the news when they saw 4 Shermans surprise the Germans by nosing out of a nearby forest and blasted some German Heavy Machine gun crews out of existence. These tanks soon disappeared back in the forest to confront hardened SS infantry and blasted them with MG and 50cal fire. This was not enough to deter these maniacs from charging the tanks but after some emergency magazine changes another round of bullets sent them away permanently. Soon after that the Shermans went back to the same positions to have an excellent round of shooting destroying the Panzer menace completely. However soon afterwards the swarm of newly trained German infantry descended on the now reduced US Infantry platoon and forced them to limp away form the battle taking with them the brave but badly wounded American Company Commander.
US reinforcements in the way of a battery of priests and a Sherman artillery observer arrived from the rear but could only bring fire on a few exposed teams of German infantry that now held an objective in possession. The Sherman Artillery observer was to later have his pay docked due to neglecting to be deployed on the battlefield earlier. The Sherman tank platoon quickly moved to attack and assault this horde but despite destroying some teams and forcing them back it meant that the objective was still in German hands as the sun went down and the Americans had to withdraw form this battlefield.

I learnt a lot but I am keen to try this point limit out again and also American Infantry. The Late War lists gives them excellent support options. I am considering dropping the Air Support altogether or at least drop it to limited and perhaps consider making the infantry Veterans rather than trained. It would be good to fit in a recon element though. I usually have one in most lists I play and they usually have a role to play.

Shermans materialize from ambush and delete some Heavy infantry teams in the plowed field.

SS loonys meet American Metal and the SS decide that they are actually required urgently some where else.

The horde and the Panzers creep ever forward towards the Objective hiding from flying jugs.

The horde going into Pacman formation about to make ghosts of the US Infantry. Shermans look on helpless.
We own it now suckers!
Cheers from The Kiwi (Brendon)

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