Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dread Ball Kickstarter finished

Mantics Dread Ball board game kickstarter has reached it's Deadline and is now closed. But the Mantic guys seem like a great bunch so if you send them an email quickly they may just consider your plea.
The final amount was HUGE!. Just short of $730,000 US dollars. It was interesting to see Mantic add more and more stretch goals as the pledges went up and up. Mantic also appear to be interested in what gamers have to say as they responded well to the question of....hmmm..seems likes it's a game that is fully developed and you are just securing initial orders. They took that on board and made it clear that while the game is not released yet the Kickstarter was to help develop Season 2 Dread Ball (second set of releases) and also Season 3 and so on. Sculpting and development of new teams and alternate poses for the first sets of teams.
I am happy with the scoop they managed. It meant they packed more and more bonus stuff as a reward. I went Striker with the addition of 4 teams for $50 deal. 8 figures in each team but that goes up with the bonus freebie rewards. The proposed miniature ideas look awesome as do the future teams. Sci-Fi dino team, Robots and so on. I will have to think about which teams I want in the additional teams deal...still not decided. Which would you get? The other question is which team gets painted in the mandatory 'All Blacks' Sci-Fi colour scheme?

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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