Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saxon attack

I have been steadily working away with Gripping Beast Plastic Saxons over the last month (August). I managed to get enough completed for a 4 point game with them (as Anglo Saxons). As you can see below there are Saxons with spears and shields or hand weapon and shield. I figure they can be re-arranged into what ever units I like whether they are Warriors or Hearth Guard units. Now I need to consider some Levys to sort of round them off or even more of the same.


This last image shows the Anglo-Dane War Lord I have been working on as well. He is very close to finished but a little bit of work to go. I have mixture of hand painted shields and some Little Big Men decals as I have for my Viking collection. One motivation I had for getting stuck into these figures was that I have some Conquest Normans heading my way so I thought.... Dang! I had better get something I already have finished before they turn up at the least. But as you know that's typical wargamer affliction (must get more new stuff!).
After what feels like I have done nothing but Saxons I have been trying out some other projects to give myself a break from what feels like a variation of the same figure towards the end. I will post these projects soon.
Oh it's my Birthday today as well so it's great to post something worthy on this awesome day that included receiving some vouchers for spending at my local games shop (Comics NT here in Darwin).

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Happy Birthday,

    have a good time and those figs look the business. Still resisting Saga, though I may try it one day


  2. Happy Birthday Brendon. Saxons look fantastic mate, great work.

  3. Happy Birthday and that is one excellent looking unit of figures!