Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It all comes crashing down!

Hello fellow gamers,
To start off this post I need to say that I have had to slow down significantly on my modelling and painting due to Uni assignments and exams up soon. But I cannot wait to finish so I can get stuck into my SAGA and FoW. 

Yet during my study breaks I had to get my mind of the work so I have been slowly getting together my FoW EW British and repainting some German Panzergrenadier Troops.

I have ordered a tube of English Uniform so I can start painting my Brits. I will be painting on the undercoat as spray painting on campus is difficult and the cold air makes it a bit hard (I already have had some trouble using the Army Painter Anti-Shine). 

Also I have managed to get a cheap Bolt Action Rulebook from based in Perth (pre-ordered for 28$) Can't wait! 


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