Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Release the Fanatics! The SAGA continues Part 3

This is my part 3 on my mission to finish my SAGA warband, I have to admit my painting has slown down. Yet I still have hope that Dagr (norse god of daylight) will shine a new day upon me! But we will see.

If you havn't seen part 2 check it here link and in this part I will compare my recently painted miniatures with the Warlord and his hearthguard. Also a sneak peek on my next warband and thoughts on the recently arrived shield transfers from Gripping Beast

My Viking Nutters (Beserkers, fanatics, loonies or however you describe them). For these miniatures I wanted to use the famed Army Painter's "Quick Dip" method. The steps for this method is close to the black wash method I used on my warlord and retinue but the results are different. Base coat, details, dip, spray with anti shine then apply highlights if preferred. 

The Gripping Beast sculpts are great! I feel they have done a good job to make each metal figure different and individual. These guys don't wear much in terms of cloths, use axes and use freash wolf pelts as cloaks >:)

With these guys I wanted the earthy look so I stuck with Flames of War paints. I applied the basecoat then used alternative colours for extra details such as pouches, belts, etc.
 After some "touch ups" in some areas I was ready to apply the quicshad, NOTE: I used the Dark Tone, later I will use the Soft Tone for comparison
Now some people use a brush and I imagine that I will later on, but for now due to low resources.......I went for the dip and flick method. If no one knows what that is, well Army Painter have a youtube clip showing off their QuickShade product

And yes, I attempted this and I am happy to say I enjoyed it......but I havn't had a miniature slip out of my pillers grip yet soooooo

After the shade is dried you will get a well shaded miniature.....who shines like a chirstmas star. So it is required to use an anti shine and Army Painter have a specific spray for their product. So when sprayed and dried here is the finished product

Now I only had time to apply the rocky base, so for now they fight on the rocky surface of the highlands!

Comparing the quickshade with my black wash method, I prefer the quickshade and I will be using it for my future 28mm miniatures (might try it for Flames of War minis) and may try out some highlighting after the dip, I do have some unfinished Black Orcs looking a bit sad. On the battlefield the hearthguard and the nutters look fine together. My thoughts that the black wash works best for a more wear and tear look, what I'm after for these vikings is a rich warlord and his rich warband who uses the best and brightest dyes, from that thought I would like my warband to look bright but brought to a battlefield look or standard this in my opinion is what the quickshade achieves.

Now I also ordered some shield transfers for my shields
I really like these and am excited to see them on my miniatures. Because of the cool looking banners I have made one of my spearmen into a banner holder now. I also got another sheet of Celtic shield transfers......and they are not for my vikings.......



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  1. Hi Lochy. I just recently acquired some army painter dip as well. Going to use it on my mantic Dwarfs when they turn up.