Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hello there,
Many of you may of heard of the podcast.
Formed from the two words "broadcast" and "iPod". It has become a successful media type mainly because there is a podcast for almost everything! From my experience podcasts will move onto other things, example: You all must know of WWPD, a successful Flames of War podcast which has expanded to an internet network of several blogs and forums for the common wargamer. I remember when I started listen to WWPD when they released episode 2 and WWPD was my first podcast. From then on I was lost in the world of the podcast.

Today when I log into iTunes I frantically update my 27 podcasts hoping for a new episode. I thought I would share all my podcasts:

WWPD and After Hours, A Flames of War podcast currently branching into other games by Steve MacLauchlan and co.

Bad Dice Daily and Bad Dice Podcast, A Warhammer Fantasy UK podcast which seems to continue my optimism that Warhammer Fantasy still has hope as a game, they still satisfy with interviews and comedy hosted by Ben Curry and two devilishly attractive gents

Beast of War TV, this is a vodcast (video) which relates to the news room on the Beast of War website (a major wargaming bunker which review, play and host wargames) interesting when they post something of interest.

Various Computer Game podcasts, not many wargamers may be interested in this subject but I added it for completion. I have 11 different computer game podcasts such as, Convert to Raid: WoW Podcast, Darkmoon Hearld: WoW Podcast, Diablo off the Record, Elder Scrolls off the Record, The Incredible Podcast, The Instance: The Old Republic, The Instance: WoW Podcast, Minecrat off the Record, Star Wars off the Record, Thuumcast: A Skyrim Podcast and WoW Insider 
Notice: you may seem some have the same name in it, Off the Record and The Instance, which are my two favourite computer gaming networks in the podcast world because of the great hosts and content disscussed on show.

Critical Hit: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, a first of its kind which many others followed suit. I enjoy listening to the hosts/players and this podcast got me to Dungeon Master one of my own DnD games last year by host Rodigero

Heelan Hammer, A Warhammer Fantasy podcast recently stopped which focused on the modelling side and really got my brain juices flowing for conversion ideas by Mr Heelan

The D6 Generation, a genral gaming podcast with a usual focus on board games, fun to listen to with great quality and each episode usually goes for 3-4 hours by Craig Gallant and co. A great podcast to listen too when painting. They offer many specials for listeners which includes a free credit on Audible, Audio books site which I have taken advantage of and got a copy of Killing Rommel :) which I will review later

Mantic Games, With only 3 episodes so far and no regular release of episodes it still has great content. The host is Ben Curry but includes Ronnie and other major contributors of mantic games.

Meeples and Miniatures Podcast, a great review podcast of historic miniatures and rulesets, sounds professional but that can be confused by the host's, Neil Shuck, bland but informative speechcraft. Some great interviews and reviews check it out

The Movielicious, A movie review podcast with an american, frenchman and englishman. Great reviews of movies and very enjoyable to listen to with a great format. The englishman known as Turpster is a particular host I enjoy due to his comedic personality he also features on The Instance and The Incredible Podcast.

Podhammer, One of my favourite podcasts in history about Warhammer Fantasy and some other wargames later on but set in the Australian scene. The podcast stopped a year ago with no goodbyes and has just disappeared. The last episode explains the Kings of War game which got me interested in Mantic games. I still enjoy listening to this podcast even tho the lack of new episodes and I recommend any wargamer to listen (laugh, enjoy) to this guy, Jeff Carroll.

Radio Free Battlefront, Any Flames of War player needs to get this, great for news and updates on the inner workings of Battlefront brought to you by the guys from Battlefront

Worlds End Radio, Another Australian based Games Workshop games podcast which are based in Perth, even tho I loath the talking of 40k gaming I do enjoy the modelling discussions and the various reviews of GW products (which helped me get into the GW paints system) by a Luke Retallack and John Layfield.

There it is! My podcast list

If you would like to share include your favourite podcasts below and help the podcast community.


  1. That's a big list Lochy. I liked the WWPD poddys since day 1 but I (like many gamers) find myself short on time so don't get many Poddys these days.

  2. Nice podcast roundup! I hear you Kiwi, running multiple websites, real life, a daughter, and GAMING means I rarely listen to any new podcasts anymore :(

    Thanks for the kind words guys!