Monday, August 13, 2012

RAAF Base Darwin Open Day (Lots of Pics)

Greetings viewer. Your intrepid amateur reporter presents to you a few snap shots I took locally recently. It's not wargaming but the subject it is a military one and a modern one at that. The skys over Darwin (where I am) have been very noisy for the past few weeks as 'Operation Pitch Black 2012' took place. At or near the end of the exercise an Open Day was held meaning we can get a close up look at the modern aerial fighting machines that have been roaring overhead and scareing the local cats and less brave pets and making some folks write letters to the editor of the local paper (whatever). No flying displays took place it was just a come and have a look sort of thing. You could have a look around inside a Hercules and see a RAAF dog display and get some lunch. Aircraft came from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the US and of course Australia.

 RAAF Hornets.

Lots of RAAF Hornets.


 Boeing Eagle

Tiger Attack Helicopter in Australian service.

 Gulfstream G550Airborne Early Warning. Odd looking beast but high tech on the insides no doubt.

 Sukhoi (Flanker) Single Seater fighter. It's a lot bigger than the Hornet or Falcon.

Sukhoi (Flanker) double seater dual role. fighter/ground attack. Indonesian Air-Force.

Harvard, formerly of New Zealand but like me, it's home is now in Darwin. Not part of the exercise obviously.

Was great to have a look around and a close up on the ground view. I have seen a few formations flying over in recent weeks and it has made for an awesome site. I spoke to one of the Indonesian pilots of the Sukhoi's  and he said it is excellent to come to Darwin with the clear skys (lack of air traffic) and flat country side. He reckons it is safer in the sky than driving a motorbike and I reckon he is right. Still though, must be a thrill to fly one of these beasts with all that speed.

Any way all the best from Brendon (The Kiwi).