Friday, August 10, 2012

Air Craft Hanger, then and now

Around Darwin we have plenty of sites that remind us of a violent past. In particular when Darwin was repeatedly bombed by Japan during WWII. In July 2012 I had some relatives visit from New Zealand. They are particularly keen on vintage cars so I took them to what is now the home of the local 'Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Club' which is based at the old QANTAS/Guinea Air hanger. Back in 1942 this was a civilian Aerodrome but no doubt quickly became military. The former runway has long since become another Road (Ross Smith Avenue). I took these photos (except for the first one) because it makes a good now and then comparison.

How it looked back in 1942 after being bombed.

How it looks when we visited in July 2012.

Inside the Hanger you can find examples of damage inflicted on the steel structure. That's a bloody big hole! My wookie hand and arm to help show how big it is.

World War 2 gamers might recognise the shape of this vehicle. 

I am glad wasn't around when the Hanger got shredded.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi). 

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