Monday, May 28, 2012

Right place, right time!

Amazing! Went down to my local Games club (Sunday, May 27, 2012) yesterday and a fellow gamer makes his way to my table and says..."Got some Flames of War German stuff if you want it. Cleaning out my stuff and a friend left it at my place and he don't want it no more and I don't want it. By the way it's free."

"Thanks mate! What a bloody legend!"
I got lots of German FoW Toys in my collection but some of the stuff I found in the dusty box I don't have. Cool! I gave a fellow gamer a chance to have a scab through and take what ever he thought he could use so he grabbed an Early Tiger and a couple of Infantry figures. Some of the stuff has had some paint splashed on it so will need a Magic Green soak. No big deal really when it's free.
Maybe it is a case of karma as a few weeks ago I took a bag of bits I found in my man cave left over from some of those GW 40k building kits and I gave them away. A few years ago I built some for the Clubs terrain collection and my brother gave me a kit for a Christmas present one year so a few bits didn't get used and they hung around the depths of the Man Cave until I had a tidy up one day. No use to me so no reason to hang on to them despite that idea running against the grain of Gamer collector/hoarder who will one day maybe have an idea to use them for. You know what I mean I am sure.
Give me a bit of time to sort through what is in the box and I will give some away through this blog. A quick glance at the stuff and a lot of it looks like older Battlefront casts.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. I'm sure I could offer a good home to any unwanted stuff ;-) More than happy to pay any shipping costs...

  2. Always nice when Karma comes back around.. almost like that movie Pay it Forward ;)

    Might be why I don't get too much free stuff these days.. am still in horde mode :)

  3. Still haven't had a chance to filter through the box. Will let you all know.