Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dystopian 800 point game.

I had my 2nd Dystopian Wars game versus a Prussian Empire Force for control of an Island. This was also a campaign mission. The mission included an Island slap bang in the middle of the table which has a small defence force and some anti-air/anti-assault dice. Our aim was to take over the Island. It was good fun and I learnt more about the game and also my force and its abilities. I used air force assets for the first time as well which was fun when we had a fighter versus fighter situation that resulted in no loses to each squadron and the toys just bouncing off each other.
We used the card decks that you can get which are basically boosters to attacks or help you repair better and so on and I learnt that I should use them as often and as much as possible. I held on to a few thinking I may need them later but that was over thinking it and I my conclusion was use them as often and as soon as you can.
The game ended in a fairly close defeat for my Empire of the Blazing Sun task force when the Island was held by the Prussian stormtroopers. Getting a ship as a prize can really boost your victory points. Well done Prussians.

After the start of the game. The Island with two dice on it is the objective Island.
End Game. Lots of tokens with damage indications and one of my Gunships (nearest the Island on the left) is captured as a prize for the Prussians. Dice on the Tiny Flyer tokens are fuel indicators. They can run out and be forced to ditch.
Below are some pics I snapped of another players Dystopian Britannian Empire force. Phil went to a lot of trouble and cut/sawed off the Tiny Flyers then gave them all flight stands. Big effort that deserves to be shared with the gaming universe.

Anyway Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)
Here is some words I made up...

Mean while in another part of the stinking smog infested world an Islands mysterious inhabitants sat waiting for signs of danger on the horizon in the dull light before sunrise. The Island sat at a critical junction among other islands but what made this Island special was its huge and productive coal mine. A prize waiting for the large Empires of the world who are now embroiled in a global conflict that consumes huge quantities of the Earths raw materials. As a smog bank drifted away with the rising of the sun, smoke columns from ships on the horizon became visible to the North and the South. The day had come when death would rain down on the Island.
A new thickening blanket of noxious vapour began as the smoke from numerous funnels drifted skyward and this was joined by the exhaust from screaming rocket propelled flying ships approaching each other head on. Very quickly the air vibrated with the terrifying sound of screaming rockets and the sonic booming and crashing of large calibre cannons as the ships from the North and South began to set each other ablaze. Even the very ocean seemed to be erupting as the incredible site of a gigantic metallic sea creature burst from the depths complete with cannons blazing from the ends of dripping tentacles. The vastly outnumbered inhabitants of the Island filled the air with anti-aircraft fire but this was soon silenced as the ships that drew close disgorged screaming men with smoking rocket boosters leapt onto the outnumbered defenders. This occurred in waves as two Empires naval fleets fought each other tooth and nail for possession of the Island. One side had men that could easily be mistaken for demons from an exotic hell flashing swords as they screamed their war cry.
Choking blinding gas, electrical discharge, thrusting, stabbing, parrying.....the fighting raged on. Screams of the wounded soon became silent as the day wore on but it became apparent that one side had gained the upper hand as a flag that bore a black cross symbol was raised from the heights of the coal mining installation. At this point in time one of the fleets quickly steamed back towards the horizon where they had come from. The metallic shining beast from the depths descended as quickly as it had appeared back beneath the waves and was not seen again.
“This is Hiroshugi from Task Force Black Lung of the Fleet of the Toekeyo Rose. We have successfully tricked the Prussian force into occupying the Island. They will continue to use resources to maintain the Island. They do not suspect the truth of the Island but it will be a big surprise when they discover it. Our loses as predicted are acceptable sacrifices for the honour of the Empire of the Blazing Sun.”

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  1. Hmm didn't know that there were to many cards and such added into this game.. really need to have a sit down and read the rules and then get some mates involved!

    Love the flying stands for the tiny fighters! Bet that took forever to do!