Monday, May 21, 2012

My Dystopian Wars Blazing Sun Air-Force has grown a little more.

I managed to get these newest recruits almost completed over the Weekend. Despite a massive garden shed clean up that was long overdue. Turned out it had a couple of Rats living in it! But one of our 2 Cats is the best Rat exterminator ever. I gave the Cat a call and it had no probs dispatching one in front of me. Now that the eviction is complete any others won't stand a chance if it hangs around our yard.
There is nothing fancy going on with these Blazing Sun models as far as my painting goes. Just basic colours really. Green with a little Yellow added for an over brush. Wood is just Khaki with a wash of Brown Shade. Under sides I didn't even bother highlighting or shading. These models don't get turned over during the game so only when gamers pick them up and really want to look over them will they really see the belly. Windows are painted the same colours as the under belly and given a wash of a very old GW Blue wash I have. Just a dab in each one seems to do it. Anyway these give me some good air options for games and should be fun to play with.

 Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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