Friday, May 11, 2012

More Dystopian Wars Blazing sun toys painted.

It's been a bit of a nautical theme recently. Easter weekend was playing Battleships with my daughter. I went and saw the movie of the same name. On ANZAC day after watching the parade in the city we went down and had a tour on a US Navy guided missile cruiser the USS Halsey. That was really interesting. It wasn't planned it was just the way things happened. On the painting table I have been splashing paint on new additions to my Empire of the Blazing Sun toys for the Dystopian Wars game (even more nautical activity).

I acquired a Robot Submersible Squid last Sunday and really looked forward to painting it. It is just such a mad creation. Here it is below before I gloss varnish it.

The pack comes with a submerged model as well as the surface attack version. I tried laying down German Uniform Fieldgray and a blue mix as well before highlighting with Brass. I did a little Brown Shade wash in joints as well. I like the result and it didn't take overly long to complete.

Below is all the 'Tiny Flyer Tokens'. The starter box came with 10. I then acquired 6 more with the Navy Carrier then 6 more with the Flying Carrier. I painted 2 in different colours to be Recon flyers. Max size for Tiny Flyer Squadrons is 5.
Here is the ocean going carrier. It did not have as deeply recessed lines between the wood planking as previously purchased models so it was a little disappointing but seemed to paint up OK.
 An air strip that flys. More steam punk craziness.
He is big, he is bad, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the largest ship in the fleet the Dreadnought.
Here he is with 3 Escort ships, a Robot Squid and some tiny flyers. 2 images because one was taken with flash and one was without flash. It makes the colours a lot different.
 I recently got my first game in. Only 400 points max so ended up with a very small force but it was fun and interesting. I also got to play on Phils awesome hex resin ocean table. I didn't get any pics but will try to get some in the future. I am looking forward to the next game.

Anyway cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Very cool.. interesting how the flash changed the color so much though.. both look great though..

    Also how hard is it to paint those flying squadrons? They look absolutely tiny!

  2. Looks very good, love the squid and the effects you managed


  3. Thanks Ian and Mr Lee. The tiny flyers are small indeed but I kept it simple. Sprayed them black, metal floors (bolt gun metal), green planes, mixed yellow with green to highlight, light grey cockpit glass with a blue ink wash. Little more metal if any overspill onto the deck. Brass wiped over the sides then a brown shade wiped on the brass. Oh yeah and red dots on the pointy tips.

  4. Nice job on these. Its not a game that I know much about, but these look great :-)
    I keep thinking about using them as an ispiration for 28mm GASLIGHT stuff...