Friday, March 2, 2012

End of February review

This post is a summary about what painting, building and gaming I completed in Feb. I probably get more done than I think I do. Sometimes I look at my progress and think "must get more done" but I probably actually get a fair amount of hobby work done.
Anyway here it is.
Some of them are actual carry over jobs from previous months. Like the Gladiators on Renedra bases. Feb saw some Renedra bases arrive in the mail so while I was gluing Plastic Vikings to these bases I based the Gladiators painted previously. I had some large skin areas on the Viking Berserkers to do so I thought I might as well paint skin on some gladiators at the same time.
The German Command teams I actually had some painted unbased figures in the Man Cave. I played a Late War game with German grens and realised I had some gaps in my collection. No Grenadier Panzerfaust armed command teams. Perfect incentive to completing a 'round to it' job.
Another round to it job was inspired by the Sturm lists in Grey Wolf. I have a platoon of German Assault Rifle armed infantry that I use as scouts but I purchased an old blister of them and a Bigliet blister at the same time way back in time. The intention was to mix them up and create the 10 team sized dismounted Tank Escort option that the Sturm Stug list can have. I managed to get them to 7 teams which is enough for an Assault Rifle armed Recce infantry option from an East Front mid war list but something else must have taken my fancy to stop me from getting 3 more teams done. But I got them completed recently and it was refreshing going from mostly painting 28mm vikings back to 15mm figures. The first 15mm figures completed this year.
Building and painting the Vikings for Saga has been really enjoyable. I will post some pics and my thoughts on my process in the near future.

As far as actual games I managed to get a sum total of 3 games of Late War version 3. We have really been taking our time in these games to try and learn the new rules and how they function on the table. So far I am really digging the new rules and more practice will only see my knowledge of the rules improve as we strive to get it right but not necessarily perfect every time. With 3 games under my belt I am possibly the most experienced V3 player at my club....What the?

Cheers for now Brendon (The Kiwi)

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