Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aviation Heritage Centre pics

I mentioned back here (post about a WW2 Vet talk) that I would post some pics I took at the Darwin Aviation Heritage Centre that day. So here they are and you get to see some of what I saw.

I met a former work colleague who had retired a few years back at the centre and he was as keen as me to see the veteran talk and suggested if I had the time that the centre is always keen for volunteers. I don't have the time at the moment to join up but it would be a cool thing to be a part of. Time feels like something I have been short on lately but that is the lament of every gamer.

The museum is just outside the fence of RAAF Darwin. Very near the spot when Richard got wounded during a Japanese bomb raid.

The centre has expanded the shop area since the last time I visited and have a good selection of books with historic aviation theme at the core of course. I will have to go back and have another sticky beak in the future.

B-25D Mitchell (Hawg-Mouth)

Japanese Zero wreckage.

Some wreckage out the back of the Museum. 

Spitfire reproduction.

Grey Nurse (a type of shark)

Snoopy in a Jet

 Sabre with the hole that goes through the whole jet.

Viet Nam corner of the building. A Viet Nam Vets comment at the museum..."Thank God for the Cobras"

 Tail of the big B-52. The day we went the Cockpit was open. Went inside and had a sticky beak and for such a huge air-craft it has a very small cramped working area for the crew. In fact it would be smaller than what I saw because all the electronics and puter gear had been removed.

Question round. How many B-52 bombers are on public display in the world and where in the world are they?



  1. There's a B52 at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in the UK, but you can't go inside it. I took some pictures of it when I visited in 2010.

    1. Nice picture Lee. The cockpit isn't usually open but it was on the day we went.

  2. There is a B-52 up on a pedestal at the North Gate of the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, it is one of the few (only?) to get a recorded aerial kill with the tail guns.