Thursday, November 17, 2011

US Artillery Platoon and AOP

As I mentioned in a previous post I completed the rest of my US Priest Artillery battery along with an AOP (without decals though), 2 Stuarts and an Observer Sherman.
 I also completed 2 more Infantry teams and added some rock detail to the bases as well. I will try and make that effort as I complete more Infantry teams as it really does add a little more visual interest on them. The worst part about the AOP is gluing on the struts to the wings. I found this a pain but got them sorted in the end. I glued a wedge under the AOP and stuck a Rare Earth Magnet on to match up with one on the flying base.

The AOP did a fly by and managed to get some images of the full priest battery that is still lacking a Halftrack for the Staff team.

Today in Darwin is in interesting day as we are about to be visited by USA President Barrack Obama. He will only be here a few hours but I think it is a good thing that he will pay his respects at the USS Peary Memorial. Hopefully this will help improve national recognition of the Attacks on Darwin during World War II. Obamas visit is a little bit of a giggle for us in Darwin as only 2 citys are getting official visits. Canberra and Darwin. :)

Anyway back to gaming and here is 2 pics of a recent game. The first outing for my US forces. I lost but had lots of fun.

The pic above is near End game with a scrap around an objective.

Any way I am at home today and the post man just delivered me a box and hopefully the SAGA rulebook is inside.
Cheers for now from the Kiwi.


  1. Excellent modelling and painting. The game and recon photos look fantastic.

  2. Good looking stuff, I like those Priests