Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun with Soviets

A few weeks back I was challenged to a 2,000point midwar Flames of War game. I wasn't sure what to take but I wanted a fairly simple list. Something with less variation so it's a lot easier to remember any special rules and so on. I settled on a Soviet Guards Heavy Tank company from East Front with KV-85 tanks. It's a list I have not used all that often as well...perhaps never. It's been a while since I used some of my Soviet collection as well. With a massive 2,000 points to spend I took the crazyness to it's limit I think and included a HUGE platoon of Soviet Infantry with all the bells and whistles. I think I needed a movement tray for so many teams. When the very first morale check for the Fearless Infantry to unpin took place they failed from the Kommisar....POP the infantry take offence to his Politial ravings and make him disappear. Hilarous! I think it was my first casualty and a self inflicted oned at that. I was up against a Tiger list and mostly due to Reserves 2 Tigers turned up too far away to stop a Soviet Steam Roller victory. The infantry swarm was like a Biblical locust plague.
I didn't have a camera handy for the game but here are some pis of the horde of doom.
Cheers from The Kiwi.

The tanks look a little naked without any markings and they look a little dark as well. So I will put them down for a future project. Add some sort of markings and perhaps some brighter green on them might do the trick.

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