Thursday, September 15, 2011

German Paratrooper Collection

Here are some pics I took of Battlefront 15mm Fallshirmjager toy soldiers I have painted. By now I had hoped to have snapped some pics of the progress on my Yank collection but it has been hard to make time for them recently. Work has been busy and left me a tad flat by the time I get home so not much has been happening in my Man Cave. I also hit the big four decades since screaming into this life recently. I had a fun weekend with the family and I didn't touch a single brush, scalpel or dice. My copy of Hell Fire and Back turned up though and it is a cool book. A while back I stashed away in my Man Cave some brit trucks with the idea to turn them into burnt out or abandoned Desert Table wreckage. Turns out in Hell Fire and Back in a very cool terrain section wrecked vehicles (like objective marker ones) get a mention. I am pleased to see Battlefront give terrain more attention in recent books, as are fellow gamers at my local club.
So here are some collection pics. I always enjoy looking at other gamers collections. It makes a change from posts about painted platoons etc.



  1. Very impressive army you have there. Very nice painting and I like the basing.