Sunday, September 18, 2011

Basing U.S. Infantry (and my technique).

After I had painted a lump of US Infantry next step of course is basing. The pic below shows them before I glue flock on. My flock step is simple with blobs of PVA glue and sprinkling on flock of one colour, let that dry then more blobs of PVA and sprinkle on another colour flock.
But before that I scratch up the plastic bases in a criss cross pattern with a blade. Paint on some PVA around the sloped edge and dip them in a container of Beach Sand. Once that is dry I brush off any loose sand then I super glue the figures in positions that I like and I avoid having two of the same figure on a base.
Next (once the super glue is dry) I use a sculpting tool to smear on polyfilla. I don't always nail this step in one go so I often have a look at them the next day and apply a little more filler.
Once dry it's painting time. Base coat is English Uniform and then a semi dry/wet brush of Khaki. Having the sloped edge textured is not every ones choice but I have always completed my Flames of War bases this way. I got me the Ruined Italian building recently as well. Another nice pre-painted building that will look great on a games table.

Above you can see at the very bottom of the pic a base with the sand edge. A soviet Light Mortar Team with the start of some Polyfilla (white). The US MG Team, Sov Light Mortar Team, and a Sov Rifle/MG Team with the base English Uniform colour and the rear most Sov Team has the 1st flock colour and the highlight colour on the base.

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