Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NZ WWII history books on the web.

Every now and then I visit this awesome website with a huge collection of  New Zealand books of WW II history. The NZETC really is an incredible collection of books available on line. It has been a great and detailed source of information for me when it comes to NZ and the Second World War. There are 106 books on New Zealand WWII history. That’s a lot of Text! If you have a funky e-book device like a kindle you can download epub versions of the books…FREE!
My own interest in particular is usually the New Zealand Second Division which can be represented in a variety of company’s in Flames of War. So if you play them and need to write a detailed history than consider have a look around.
The text gives you a whole level of respect for the experiences the Div went through. The text in these books is also not just a record of the actions and history but as many of these books where published/written a long time ago you get a sense of just how different attitudes are from today. There certainly are some uniquely Kiwi sayings sprinkled amongst the text which may be perplexing for those who are unfamiliar with the New Zealand culture. The books have maps and black and white photos as well that just help tell the story despite the some times grainy and coarse quality of them.

I was inspired to visit this site again today after reading a fellow bloggers Today in History post I thought I would go have a look again at the NZETC site to see what was going down with the 2nd Div in Italy during 1944.

“On the 17th of January, 1944 the New Zealand 2nd Division began its march to Cassino.”

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