Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magyar Steel. Hungarian Armour in WWII

By Csaba Becze with illustrations by Marusz Filipiuk
Review by The Kiwi
84 pages with colour photos of tanks in Museums, lots of historical black and white photos, profiles of tanks with various camo schemes and markings, 1.35 scale plans of lots of Hungarian AFVs, tables and maps.

I found this book on the net after wanting a bit more info as I got into collecting a Mid War Hungarian tank force for Flames of War. I found this book to be an excellent source. Most of the text concerns 1 Field Armoured Division from 1942 to 1943 but it includes history of other aspects of Hungarian armour. The text makes many mentions of Hungarians who earned medals through various deeds as well. So if Battlefront was to ever make some Mid War Hungarian Warriors there is plenty of inspiration here.
The book has info and colour plates on Late War Hungarian Armour as well. If you need more info on Hungarian armour then I would highly recommend this book.


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