Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years thoughts.

So now it is 2011. Groovy. Another year of new releases to look forward to but I still seem to have lots of unpainted FOW toys in my Mancave. While never, ever any good at making new years resolutions this year might be a good one for me to make a bigger effort to get all the stuff I have collected actually painted.
As gamers do we buy these things when they are first released as they are so cool looking and seem to be filled with so much game potential, sometimes we get them because some dude is selling them at a bargain price, but then we get distracted by something else and put them in our 'round to it' file and not bother painting/building them.
So one of this year's goals is to actually start making some progress in getting all the back log of stuff done...then use them in a game as originally intended.

From memory I have....
- Soviet Shturmovik planes Box
- Soviet Heavy Arty Box
- Soviety Katy rocket launcher box
- A box of Panzer IV (Started building them)
- Box of Stuart Tanks
- Various American blisters and Tanks... fact enough for a yank armour list.
Man the idea of playing with yank tanks for my very first time should motivate me shouldn't it?

Also I have a few unpainted buildings to do as well.

Perhaps I should create a rule like no more new purchases until one box or platoon already in the man cave is completed.   Naaaaaah!
Those new looking JagedPanzers just look to dam good. :)


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