Friday, December 10, 2010

Flammpanzer, German Flame Throwers 1941-1945

German Flame Throwers 1941-1945
H. Doyle, T. Jentz
Colour Plates by P. Sarson.

As reviewed by The Kiwi

I found this book really useful in giving me details about flame throwing vehicle options in the Flames of War German lists.
Currently many German Panzer Gren forces get access to Flamer armed halftracks.  Some German Panzer (Tank) lists get access to Panzer III flame tanks. Some lists in Market Garden get the option to use converted French heavy tanks as flame tanks. If this book is anything to go by then Early war Germans in the Eastern front will get a Flame tank option as well. Heck battlefront may even include the Hetzer flame tank option in later Late War lists.

When it comes to some form of historical accuracy of including flame tanks in ya lists this book may help you figure out who had what and, just how many and, when. It has an excellent chart showing Flampanzer III quantities in specific divisions from March to Dec in 1943.
The book has black and white photos and colour artist impressions to give you inspiration for painting ya flame vehicles and includes a cut away interior detail inside the FlamPanzer III if you really need to know about the insides.
The book also includes some operational reports of Flame vehicles being used in combat.
If it is something that you really want to know more about than it is an excellent source. 
I found this book after getting a handy tip from one of the FoW forum users. Thanks mate.  


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