Tuesday, December 7, 2010

King & Kerr ruined buildings

By The Kiwi

I have wanted to get some 15mm King and Keer buildings for a while and I finally ordered some a while back. These guys charge zero dollars for postage and this helps out for folks like me in Australia.
http://www.kerrandking.co.uk/ I will post pics of other stuff I got from them in the future.
The biggest pain though is the exchange rate but in recent times it has been practically on parity with the US dollar. It certainly encouraged me to get some buildings from some US makers and I will post more makers in the future.

Below are 2 buildings I got from K & K and painted up myself. Fantastic detail in them and while I am not a fan of buildings with bases that extend beyond the walls many building makers do this so I got to roll with it or consider cutting them off. I didn't cut the foot path/pavement from these 2 models below. I have slowly been collecting ruined style buildings with a goal of having enough to make a decent 3 x 4 foot city fight table or a building heavy standard 6 x 4. I have a collection that I really dig at the moment so I will populate this blog with more pics of the pieces in the future. It's been a very slow process to paint them though as I typically get excited about getting more toys finished for my army lists instead so the buildings seem to get less of a priority to paint. I haven't dull coated these ones below but I have placed some FoW figures to give you an idea of size.


Back with top floor off.

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