Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crescent Root (Italian style)

By The Kiwi

Crescent Root buildings are awesome. What can I say. I really like them a lot that's what I can say. I got these a long while back and when you order you have the option of painted or unpainted. To keep the price down and because I like to paint I ordered unpainted building. What you see below is part of my Italian themed building set. Terracota roofs and whites washed walls. Pretty simple really. They need a little more finishing like a darker wash on the wood doors etc, windows painted, and some flock here and there.
I actually sawed off on some of these where they had a small base that extended past the walls. Just a personal preference really.
I have a few more buildings from Crescent Root that I plan to paint up in a Grey colour for more of a French look. The roofs are removable witha cavity to place ya troops inside if you need to. No interior detail but as these are buildings undamaged by war it is irrelavant really. The buildings are nice and chunky, take up good table space and are robust enough to be pulled in and out of storage, transported to ya club without fear of breakage.

 A couple of Shermans from my Kiwis in Italy collection to give you a sense of scale.


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  1. Crescent Root is hands down the best. Shame they aren't producing right now.