Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One thousand projects and some Mid-War games

In the previous weekend a fellow gamer came over to our table after completing his Warmachine game. He was re-inspired to play Flames of War and has a Mid-War collection. "Anyone up for a Mid-War game next week?"....."Not sure if I can make it yet." a short while later after consulting the oracle... "Yes I can make it. See you there!"
For Mid-War and in particular North Africa a long time ago I started a NZ Div Cav force (Honeys). I expanded it to include options such as the first Shermans to enter combat in WWII. Of course why not add a Crusader platoon or two. If I get some more Shermans I have enough for a British Heavy Tank company. So there you go...project well and truly expanded and under way....but never truly finished.
At some stage new projects came along and this one got put on the back burner. I had some time in the week to think about my army list and search through the archives to uncover this partially finished collection and get a list ready for gaming. Turns out the Crusader platoon option I had created with 3 x Crusader III is no longer an option but I did purchase some Crusader II blisters to make them proper legal looking. Not built but somewhere in the cave. It didn't take long to find them but in doing so I uncovered a lot of unopened blisters. All the blisters purchased for those list ideas and inclusions. It was fun and has inspired me to go back and revisit these projects.
When we got together for our games we both had a story of the same affliction and went through the same process. "Oh that's right. These figures have no heads because of a planned head swap etc, etc". The great thing about going back into these projects is if you stick with the original plan it is unlikely to mean new purchases (unless they have changed the list options or you just really need something else). 
As a start to my re-visit to the sands of North Africa looking at my list options I can access a NZ Anti Tank Platoon of 4 x 17/25pdrs. The slash is because the first 17pdr guns used had an interim gun carriage system of using the 25pdr system. Way, way back I purchased miniatures for this but I was making a NZ list for Italy. Turns out by that time the 17pdr was in it's new mount. So I decided to repaint the platoon as it will make a very strong AT asset in my light tank force. I may just remove the figures with the funky helmets with netting and foliage as I don't think they really fit North Africa.


The days gaming was excellent and we went on to have 3 games on the same table at 1600 points (my list did not include the 17/25pdrs). It was a fun way for both of us to explore Mid-War again. I am now keen to finish my mid-war Allied projects. Sorry Mega City One Judges you might have to wait a while.
A bit of work still to do on these. Yet to make the green areas dusty.
NZ Div Cav get side shots on some Panzers.
Then go on to capture an objective.
Massive FV Italian platoon. Can they Hold the Line....
....yes they can! NZ Div Cav lost this one eventually.

Cheers from Brendon