Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dystopian Wars Version 2 force build tester

Some wargames can make things seem complicated at first. They can be the first few times you work through a detailed sub-set of rules. Dystopian Wars version 2 could perhaps be a hard slog for those completely new to wargaming but the scenarios in the intro 2 player box set could be a great starting point for newbies.
However for someone like me who has played in the previous edition I found the force build rules a ...."Holy computations Batman!" moment. To get it all figured out into a what does it all mean I went to a spreadsheet format in Excel and came up with this below.
I have found it really handy so far even though I am yet to play a game. Below is examples for placing in the Light Blue lower areas. (Quick guide to limits not to exceed except the red total minimum).

And here is an example of it when used.

This may help you as it certainly helped me.

Cheers from Brendon.

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