Friday, January 25, 2019

Dogs of War

I purchased this a long while back and I think from memory they are from Crusader Miniatures but correct me if I am wrong.
I purchased these as a unit for my Viking army for Kings of War Historical. The concept being...I plan to make some Cavalry for an Anglo-Saxon army. The main enemy for them is Vikings who arrive via longship and lack cavalry usually. To offset Cavalry they employ/bully these dog teams to help them out. In the rules these units have a minor bonus if they go toe to toe with Cavalry.
In Kings of War these are a Regiment and two Troop sized units.
Alternatively two Regiments if the Troop units are together.

I almost considered abandoning the handlers for plastic dudes to better match my existing collection. But I persevered with them as perhaps these unique units should have unique barefooted handlers.
I don't need the handlers to pop so nice subdued Dark Age colors for them as usual for Dark Ages. 

The strangely bottom rounded cloak gave an opportunity to try some freehand tartan for one of them.
It was good to get these finally done as they had been primed a long time back before last years project Goblin army.

Cheers from Brendon