Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Perry Light Cavalry for Curt

These I painted on request for Curt. They have now traveled all the way from sweaty Darwin to the Snowlord in Canada. 1 x Perry Miniatures Plastic Light Cavalry 28mm set of 12 mounted miniatures. I am really looking forward to seeing them in his awesome basing style.

Curt left the Art Direction wide open but he did identify an historic Light Cavalry unit. The Jinetes.
From an email exchange and an example he sent I decided that these guys who served in the Italian Wars didn't need a consistent uniform colour. Also shields are to be applied by Curt. As these figures have a left arm that usually results in the left fist sitting very close to the Pommel I made some custom adjustments. The Torso at the shoulder join was cut back and so was the top of the arm to provide a new wedge gap that made the arms tilt outward. A couple have minor conversions with weapon swaps and the occasional arm/head from other kits completed the construction phase.

The grey horse does not look as yellowy in real life as it does in the photos below.
I hadn't done any commission style painting in a long time and not for anyone who already paints to a very high standard. I just ended up treating this job like I was painting for my own collection and really not treating it any differently. I painted an excess amount of horses (16) to make sure of a good variety with a couple of specials among them because that's how I treat my units. I mailed these with the riders unattached to the horses so Curt can pair them up.

Perry Miniatures are finely detailed. They take me longer than most other miniature makers to get to completion. These arrived at my place during the Dry Season when I was busy doing Dry Season activities. Camping most weekends so a few months of practically no hobby activity at all really.
During this project I also broke it up by doing some smaller ones for me which actually helped I think.

Cheers from Brendon.


  1. Absolutely wonderful mate. Looking forward to seeing them based up as you say.

  2. Wow they look tremendous, really looking forward to seeing them based up now.

  3. That's pretty darned good, Brendon - but save some for the Challenge!
    ; )

  4. Thanks for the comments folks. Cheers all.

  5. They do look the part, I am sure Curt will be most pleased


  6. Curt is very pleased indeed! Such lovely, lovely work. Just got the shields on and am currently basing them up. I'll write up a blog post on them soon. Thanks so much Kiwi!

    1. Awesome! Looking forward to the final big reveal. cheers