Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kings of War unit trays from Mantic

Hello. These are the Mantic plastic unit trays for the Kings of War fantasy game or the Kings of War Historical wargame.
Two options are available as at writing this.
Small...for 20mm square based infantry and Large....for Cavalry on 25x50mm or Large Infantry on 25mm squares bases.

They are a single piece with one side with a Textured surface ideal for gluing figures directly on (if you have removed bases they typically come on that is) or the reverse side with a small raised lip.
The reverse side has guidelines for cutting the 4 trays into Regiment (half) or Troops (quarters).
So one set will get you 16 Troop trays....or 4 Hordes...or 8 Regiments or a combination.

Small and Large trays. Rough surface side on left and other (lipped) side on Right
Easy enough to trim down in size if required.

Fill up the trays with miniatures and game-on!
 Above I have placed my custom MDF Warbases 'Horde' tray onto the Small 'Horde' tray and the only thing I can say is that they appear to be a fraction bigger than the rule book size. The horses are on 25x50mm bases and have a little bit of wriggle room which is better than the space being a fraction on the small side making a tight squeeze or adjustments in my opinion.

My conclusion. Bloody good product which will be very handy for Kings of War games.

Cheers from Brendon

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