Friday, September 23, 2016

Viking bits swap plastic fantastic

These generic Dark Age Vikings in progress are rank and file to increase my marauding hordes ready for Kings of war Historical. I have been working on them for what seems an entire ice-age. Built at glacial speed months took a long time before any paint got clumsily splashed on them. I started painting them recently to break up a period of painting a lot of 28mm horses for a very cool project for a certain Canadian citizen. I don't usually like to stall or interrupt a project but it just started to feel a bit production line and I didn't want any of that to affect the painting. Anyway these rank and file sword fodder are made up of a variety of kits to get slight variations that will likely go unnoticed once in a unit.
Anyway on with the images....

'Shield Beater'.
Gripping Beast Viking Head, Saxon Arms, Body GB Dark Age Warrior,
Shield from Conquest games Normans, Slightly larger than GB shields.

'Resting Balls Stabber and Face Stabby Sword dude'
GB Saxon Bodies, Viking Heads, GB arms with hand/weapon swaps.

'Brace for impact dude'
 FireForge arms on a GB Body

 'Mash your face with Pommel and Make you duck dude'
 FireForge Bodies, GB every thing else

'Spliiting headache maker'
GB Body and Head, FireForge Mongol Arms, GB Axe

Anyway cheers for now from Brendon and hope you don't mind the fact that these photos I used the crappy setting with colour, focus and light.