Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gripping Beast Vikings

Just a small post today featuring Gripping Beast plastic Vikings in progress. Made from various sets as detailed below.

These all have bodies from the Dark Age warriors set. The bodies come with one arm attached and a assortment of weapon arms for the right arm. I sliced off the left arm on 3 of them and replaced with arms from either the Viking or Saxon box.
The middle two have the same head from an Arab box. A big beard is well suited to the Dark Ages.
The head on the far left is from the Dark Age Warriors set but I sliced the top of the head and glued on a helmet sliced from a Saxon.
Head on the right is a Viking head.

Why do all this. It just adds variety to the look of the horde even if only I notice it.

The darker colours inspiration came from the Vikings TV series. Not my usual colours when painting Vikings but I thought I would give it a go and they sort of look almost look it's a tough leather material. Perhaps I should paint the sleeves a different colour to make it look as though they are wearing some sort of armless outer item of clothing.

I am excited by the impending release of Kings of War Historical so have been thinking a lot about expanding my existing hordes. Even if they are a Hollywood version of history, Which I have no problem with.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Great looking, I like the darker plain colours as I doubt all wore things bright and beautiful


  2. Really nice work! Looking forward to seeing them all based up and table-ready!

  3. Thanks for the comments people. cheers