Friday, March 11, 2016

Let loose the dogs of war

These are Games Workshop Wolves that I think are OOP now. I purchased these already built on a Facebook group. I removed them from the original bases and gave them a repaint fantasy style. The freedom of a fantasy setting allows me to avoid all considerations for getting them to look realistic. Once I had created the bases I added the wolves without any pinning so it's just the soles of feet with super glue. The bases themselves are Renedra green plastic.

The Wolf packs are created for a 'Varangur' army for Kings of War. The Army entry names them as 'Tundra Wolves'. It will certainly give the Army a light fast attack option which could be very handy.
The solo Wolf will find another use as a Mongol Hero companion when I use the Elf options.

Not the best photography as it was a bit rushed. The white areas actually do have a shadow colour and a white highlight but the image is a bit bleached out to show this.

Cheers from Brendon.

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