Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dwarf Berserkers for Kings of War

The theme for the Painting Challenge was Risk Takers and Gamblers. This was also the theme for the final fortnightly submission challenge. I thought these Avatars of War heroic 28mm Berserkers was perfect for the theme and it happily coincided with my target of finally getting these completed. I had these in the 90% built stage for a long time.

Here we have 2 Berserker Lords, 1 x Regiment and 1 x Troop for Kings of War.
I actually removed some detail from the weapons to make them a fraction smaller and more basic looking. The rest of my Dwarf Army is Mantic so not overly decorated or overly detailed. I also added some Mantic Dwarf hammers to further link them to my existing army. Also from mantic are the Banner decorations including the Beer drinking vessel at the top.

On the base to help the link to my existing army are Beer barrels from Renedra and the Dwarf with the two handed hammer stands atop a Scibor Dwarf stone statue head. Hard to see in this photos and I did initially consider placing at the front row rather than the middle. Other rocks are from my garden.

I had these 80% built in my 'round to it' projects for a long time. I am glad to have finally completed them through the motivation of the challenge.

Looking at the cost of this set in Australia now I would call it a premium box of miniatures. High quality.... yes.... but with a price to match. RRP is $80 but as at writing this Combat Company sells it for $54.99. However I almost fell to the floor in laughter recently when I was browsing in my local comic shop and saw a single GW Dwarf plastic miniature brand new selling for $50.00! WOW!

Cheers from Brendon


  1. These were a fabulous entry Brendon, with bags of attitude!

  2. Thanks Michael. Not sure if they have a good attitude though. cheers

  3. Outstanding, these are really impressive!