Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Torso swap for Mongols

Excellent Fireforge plastic 28mm Mongols with torso from Gripping Beast Heavy Arab Cavalry. One also has arms from the Arab set (Armour on shoulders). That one actually had a spear head glued on from the Mongol sets.
The Mongol Torsos actually have the belt while the belt exists on the Arab Cavalry leg component.
A small detail that is not really going to be noticed by the time paint goes on I think. Swapping plastic bits from kit to kit really helps to create slightly different looks.
Usually I am a ....shields gets glued on after painting person but, in order to get these miniatures seated properly it was best to glue them on at build stage.
Cheers from Brendon


  1. They're looking great! I'll have to pick up those sets myself sometime.

  2. That works great. I've been swapping a lot of FF Mongols and GB Arabs to make variable Arabs, too.

  3. They've gone together well - look forward to seeing the painted.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. cheers

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  6. They look really good! The problem is the Fireforge Horses are WAY too big for the Mongols.