Monday, November 16, 2015


Paris is a city that in the past has had plenty of blood flow through the streets. But until recently that was history from long ago. To wake on a Saturday and see what was happening there was very saddening...and the same time. I have walked the streets of Paris and visited a few locations there. I recall going past the Football Stadium and seeing it from the Train. I enjoyed my time there immensely.
Many of us are aware and connected global citizens even though we reside in one place for long periods. I am a fan of Metal and Rock music. I have attended many live music events. From clubs and bars the same size (or smaller) as The Bataclan to HUGE festivals. I have seen The Queens of the Stone Age on stage. They have an Eagles of Death Metal connection. I have seen Motorhead. I am a huge fan of Motorhead is an understatement. Motorhead and crew had a gig booked for Sunday in Paris. They had to postpone that gig but while they are in Paris. They informed fans through facebook that they and the Motorcrew are safe. I was really hit when in response to Motorheads post a few Parisians posted they lost friends at the Bataclan. Friends who like me....big Motorhead fans. No doubt some of them had tickets to see Motorhead on Sunday. A former drummer for Motorhead actually passed away prior to the madness (R.I.P. Philthy 'Animal' Taylor).

So as someone who has spent time in that interesting City.

Someone who enjoys the freedom to wage war with my hearing and gather with like minded individuals.

It's hard to make sense of it all.

It makes no sense.

I will however enjoy my freedom to attend loud mas gatherings of noise appreciation. A freedom now denied for some.

You can't kill Rock'n'Roll.

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