Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Foot Knights with Pikes and a Wizard

Continuing the Perry Foot Knight Pike conversions here are some more creations. I made two armed with a type of short Pike. I read a description of Pikes being different lengths. I used a feathered head from the Light Cavalry set to give them that flamboyant flavour.

What started as just a few can now be used as it's own unit of well armoured Pike. The shorter pikes are actually a practical way to make sure the unit is easier to line up against other units when they make contact in games. I have two more spaces to fill. I did not intend to make an entire unit of these but I might as well now.

Next is an Arab Wizard made from Gripping Beast parts except the top of the staff. I am thinking I might find a different open hand instead of the clenched fist.
Cheers from Brendon