Thursday, February 19, 2015

War of the Roses Army expansion

My War of the Roses horde is going way beyond a retinue for Lion Rampant. Reinforcements have heard of the call to war and will not stand idly by while the peaceful pursuit of Beer and Bacon is threatened. While work has slowed currently, here is more Perry Plastics I completed.
Mixed bunch of warriors.
2 more Knights.

3 Shooters, 2 Billmen and 1 Pike. 1 Crossbow with the pavise in the ground instead of on his back.

Below is the Black foot Knights and The King of Beers. I wasn't completely happy with how the Black foot Knights  turned out but I learnt a few things. I tested a method of painting them Panzer Gray then a black wash.It worked OK but it looks a little flat. The foot knight with the brass edges probably looks best and I may apply that to the others but I think they need is actually a gloss highlight. The King has a fantastic pose with the sword being drawn but you only get one of these in the box. Another king helmet would be awesome for a mounted version.

All the best from Brendon (The Kiwi). Cheers.


  1. More cracking troops and I rather like the black knights - very threatening!

  2. Lovely looking set of figures. Have to agree about the black knights, just need a few edge highlights.

  3. Outstanding! The black knights look like they mean business, quite a menacing vibe to them :-)

  4. Nice additions to your army mate.

    For the black armour, as others say they could perhaps do with some edge highlighting. I'd recommend you go with satin rather than gloss varnish to make them "pop"

  5. These are lovely, when do we get an army shot?


  6. Very nice work on these figures; I do like that king with his "blackened" knights.

  7. Satin rather than full gloss is a good idea. Army shot when I have completed the latest batch I think.
    Cheers and thanks everyone for the comments.

  8. Great stuff, Brendon - and on a personal note, I hope you're avoiding the worst of the weather right now!

  9. Thanks Ray and Evan. Evan, Cyclone Lam was a long way from here but Elcho Island got smashed! Wrecked houses and cars crushed by trees. A shame it was a poor community but it will go largely unnoticed on main stream media I think. we got some BIG thunderstorms here though from the fall out of Lam. cheers