Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pikes, Bills and more (War of the Roses recruits)

I had a great week painting not long ago and managed to get a good number of recruits for my Army completed. Perry 28mm Plastic as previous.

Pikes, Handguns, Crossbows and Billmen. A good variety of troop types.

The Pikes below include a drummer and another Foot Knight boss looking dude. One of the Pike figures has the body of a Foot Knight.

Next is the Billmen. Two have a spear so he will likely end up in the front row of a Pike unit when they are formed into army units. Two figures have had alternative weapon ends glued on.

And next is some more shooting specialist recruits. 3 Crossbows to get the unit up to 12 and 8 Hand Gunners. The Mercenary plastic kit comes with 4 Hand Gun arm options.

Finally an image of my unit basing I had custom produced by Warbases. In the Kings of War system the larger wider bases are a Horde and the smaller unit is a Regiment from memory. Plenty more to add to this project. More of the same seen so far most likely but I am unlikely to have as high output in future weeks.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Great stuff Brendon. I've been really enjoying seeing this retinue develop.

    I'm doing my WotR figures for FoG:AM, so they will be multi-based, but could be used for Lion Rampant as well if I record casualties (using gems or something like that until enough have been killed to remove a base).

    1. Thanks Tamsin. Looking forward to seeing yours. Casualty markers will work fine in Lion Rampant.

  2. Lovely WotR army, Brendon. Nicely done!

  3. Amazing job, they look great, these colors are really impressive!

  4. Fantastic work Brendon. You've built this collection up in very good time, and they look really great all together.

  5. Fantastic work! It's been really nice to see how fast this army is getting built up!

  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments. It just keeps growing.

  7. Really a nice bunch of chaps. Well done, Brendon!