Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crossbow dudes

These guys come in the options in the European Mercenaries set. Plastic of course by the Perrys.
I went with a majority of brimmed helmets to give them some unit flavour. The drummer can go with any unit I guess but in Lion Rampant Crossbow armed units are 12 strong so at this stage I had 3 more to do. These had to have been the most complex to build and take the longest to paint. In the rules for Lion Rampant a unit upgrade option for them is adding Pavises. The box comes with 12 so why not! I glued the Pavises on before painting. My advice....don't do that. Paint them separate then glue them together. Just one of the reasons why these took longer than the bowmen.
Go check out this Blog. A fellow gamer who moved city a while back who is a top painter who loves micro-detail. Sure to be filled with amazing eyeball treats. Battle Damage! Go and follow!

Cheers for now and stay tuned for more additions to the Red and Black force.


  1. Lovely work Brendon. This whole force must look great together with its black and red theme.

  2. Very nice unit of crossbows. That color scheme is very striking - both lovely to look at and also a bit menacing at the same time.

  3. This was an excellent entry Brendon. Strike up another one for the Monday Crew!

  4. Fine looking dudes, beautiful work!