Tuesday, January 13, 2015

28mm Perry Foot Knights

The War of the Roses was an absolute brutal time on the battlefield by the look of things. These fully armoured Men at Arms are a really nice box set. I highly recommend them. They assemble easy, don't have much flash and at first glance look straight forward to paint. That is if you can come up with a strategy to paint all that armour.
My method was straight forward. Spray with Army Painter Plate Metal, Detail paint bits like the pants at rear and the ones with over shirts, straps, faces etc. Next was painting on Army Painter Strong Tone dip. I use a brush to get better control over it. Once dry I went over them again with Plate Metal to highlight the armour otherwise the Strong Tone makes them look dirty and I am sure these rich and noble folk had staff to keep up the polish. I painted on some Matt Acrylic varnish to get the shine from the glossy Army Painter to go away from areas that are not armour. I am pleased with the result. My photos are not all that good but you get the idea. This project is ticking along with Knights on horses and Bowmen next and they are well on the way.
I wasn't sure what Lord or colours to unify this army but I settled on Red and Black. I liked how it worked on my Dwarf Army. There is actually some historical references on the Perry Boxes for this scheme and I did think about going down the Historical route to find a Lord and base a Retinue on. However I have decided to go with just an imaginary Lord/Kingdom/Country. One that really likes Beer and Bacon.

I am lagging behind in keeping my posts here up with my submissions to the Painting Challenge but I will eventually catch up. Life has been a bit hectic lately but lots of fun and plenty of painting done.
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  1. These are absolutely wonderful!

  2. Thanks Stefan (Monty), Rodger and Michael. More to follow in this growing Army.

  3. Great work Brendon, you've got a lovely finish to the metal, very realistic.

    1. The metal look was the most important part I was concerned about. Very happy how it worked out. Cheers

  4. Lovely work, these are wonderful!

  5. They are beautiful, excellent job!