Friday, August 15, 2014

Warmachine Khador Behemoth

This fella is a huge beast. In real terms it is a kit of lots of parts and almost all of them metal. It's got to be the heaviest miniature I have ever assembled. Building it is not without its challenges but also balancing it once built on it's base is another level of challenge. If you build the kit as it comes (like I did) then you will find that one leg is designed to not reach the base. Not sure why this choice was made as it is just so damned heavy.
I glued an unused leftover piece from a previously built Warjack under the raised foot and then built up a stack of left over metal bits from the old bits box. The weight on the base will hopefully help offset a little of the high centre of gravity. I also glued more metal left overs under the base for that purpose. Painting the scrap heap in a rusty way was also a gamble if my method would work. I think it is OK. What do you think?

In retrospect I probably could have placed him more forward on his base to improve his balance. He won't be able to be placed going up a hill slope for very long but when he falls he will more likely to damage the scenery than himself. When it comes to the game he costs a massive 13 points. Hopefully he is worth all of them and more.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)