Friday, July 18, 2014

Islands in the sun

In the Dystopian Wars 2 player set 'Shadow Hunter' you get some sheets of Islands, sandbars and rocks to use on your Dystopian oceans. I thought it is a great idea for easy to store/transport terrain and it also means no balancing acts required if you have toys that end a move on these features.

Inspired by how good they look I thought it was easy enough to make some more from Google Earth Imagery. I made some using parts of nearby coastal areas, printed them out and glued them on some card and cut them out.
Living here in Darwin we have lots of land that is void of all those man made features like Roads, Buildings and so on which could potentially destroy the illusion of scale. I didn't bother with an exact scale but used my eye to gauge if it looked OK. Coastal areas can contain many areas of shallow water that would be a problem for some Dystopian vessels. So perhaps the lighter coloured water can be shallow water.
All pieces from Google.
2 smaller pieces above on right from Shadow Hunter.
2 on right from Shadow Hunter, large table edge piece on left from Google.
Photos taken in poor light with flash.
Cheers from Brendon


  1. That's a brilliant idea and you get a nice 3 dimensional image on these photos. Hard to fine places today that don't have man made structures. Off hand I can only think of the coastlines along the Arctic and Antarctic. And some very small islands in the Pacific.

  2. What a great idea, they've come out really well.

  3. Those look really good. Great idea to use Google Earth, they really look like 3D terrain pieces.

  4. Thanks for the comments people.