Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dystopian Version 2. Looks good!

Wahoo! Got an awesome delivery. The new Dystopian wars 2 Player Shadow Hunter box. I went halves with a fellow gamer and as I ordered the big fat rule book he will keep the rule book from this box. Hopefully that will be delivered soon.
Apart from some very cool looking new models and a rule book this game box comes with a token sheet and some very nice Island, rocks and sandbar terrain and Tactical Card decks x 2. The terrain is only flat cardboard but they will be very useful for the game. Operation Shadow Hunter is an A5 booklet with 7 missions that introduce the game. Each mission escalates the rules learnt and models used until the final mission uses all the models. Good for first timers.
Mandatory out of focus photo of some box contents.
Apart from the excitement of new miniatures which include a Ghosted version (clear resin) of a Japanese terror ship it's flicking through the rules that will keep me occupied in my spare moments. I am really liking the new rules. I could say rule changes but I will try and adopt the mindset that this is the rules of a new game and not amendments/improvements. Here is some random bits of Info that any veteran Dystopian players (or new ones) may like to see.

Dice. Red, Blue and Black
Red explode...6 = 2 hits and roll another dice (only Red dice explode). Blue...6 = 2 hits. Black...6 = 1 hit.

Tactical Cards. Each player creates a deck of 16 before the game. The cards have a value rating (VPs). You may swap Generics for Non-Generic but must be equal in value. No repeated cards allowed which is a balance consideration. You make a hand from them during each turn. Hand size depends on agreed point value of the game.

Force Build. Main Force and Strategic Force (up to 40%).
Strategic squadrons (Not Large or Massive models) must be assigned as...Advance, Flank and Reserve.
The effect is on deployment zone and when they are deployed (Turn 1,2 or 3 or before Main Force).
Not just a game of deploy everything then start moving and blasting. I like this a lot but it's going to take some practice with all the percentage requirements that you can't exceed. No biggie really....just Math.
Dodgy photo of a nice diagram in copyrighted rule book.

Crew Types. Models have 8 Crew Types. Elite is best and Non-Combatant is the worst.

Ace. Support Aircraft Wings (those tiny flyer token squadrons) can have an Ace (costs points). The Ace gets a re-roll and can have a dogfight duel with opposing Aces. Sounds ace to me. It is also required for an Ace to stand out so it's a painting opportunity as well.

So in a nutshell. Fricken awesome! Looking forward to trying this game out with perhaps a few small force games then escalating to an upsize versus the various Darwin Dystopian Naval players. I consider all the old models as new from now on as the point costs and stats have been amended as have the weapon/generator options in many cases.

Cheers from Brendon and happy hunting in a Dystopian world.

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